5 Reasons You Should Hire a Google AdWords 5pecialist

Google Adwords 5pecialist Challenge

Today commenced the first ever Google 5pecialist Challenge, a program that invited digital marketing professionals to earn Google Adwords certification status in all five areas of the AdWords platform - search, display, mobile, video and Google shopping. In exchange, we receive a fancy title and limited edition framed certificate. Being die-hard Googlers, we couldn’t pass this one up. A framed certificate from Google? How cool is that? Needless to say, we will be waiting by our mailbox anxiously every day.

When the contest launched, the community went wild. Really, it did. Even the Google Partners Community moderator commented on the overwhelming success of the program.

So, what does this mean for our clients? As we have a moment to breathe, we had a few thoughts about how this “5pecialist 5tatus” makes us unique and valuable:

Attention to detail
Anyone who can successfully pass all of the certification tests has got to have incredible patience and attention to detail. We have endured approximately 60 hours watching bone-dry videos and reading eye bleeding documentation, 10.5 hours of panic-stricken testing, and 6 instances of the inability to breathe as we wait for our score to come up...IF we passed them all the first time.

Our competitive nature.
You want to successfully compete with your competition for keyword bids, ad placement, page rank and market share? Well so do we! Take advantage of our competitive nature for the good of your campaigns.

We have no lives.
While you plan your next yearly get away, think of us. Most likely we will be trying to fit ours in between our yearly re-testing for one of the six exams. If we’re not testing, we’re most likely studying for one. You know where to reach us.

Google is our friend
We’ve got connections...serious connections. Dedicated Google AdWords reps, access to new features, promotions and beta programs, and a kickass Google Partner Community. No question ever goes unanswered.

Knowledge of the digital landscape
In all seriousness, the Google system is way bigger than AdWords itself. The digital landscape is vast, ever changing, and consists of countless moving parts. To run the most effective campaign possible, it is important to understand e-commerce (shopping), mobile strategies (mobile), brand engagement (video) and KPI’s and metrics (analytics)...beyond clicks, impressions and conversions.


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