Higher Education Marketing: 5 Smart PPC Advertising Strategies

From the moment a prospective student embarks upon the journey of researching options for higher education, there is incredible opportunity to provide branded and relevant information that will guide them along their decision making process. A U.S. Custom Education study performed by Compete, Inc. found that nine out of ten education researchers begin with an open mind, not being certain which school they want to attend. In a highly competitive market, reaching prospects immediately with the information that they desire is crucial.


5 Reasons You Should Hire a Google AdWords 5pecialist

Google Adwords 5pecialist Challenge

Today commenced the first ever Google 5pecialist Challenge, a program that invited digital marketing professionals to earn Google Adwords certification status in all five areas of the AdWords platform - search, display, mobile, video and Google shopping. In exchange, we receive a fancy title and limited edition framed certificate. Being die-hard Googlers, we couldn’t pass this one up. A framed certificate from Google? How cool is that?


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